Using Social Media For Emergencies

July 24, 2017
Trevor Abram

Social Media?

Social media is something you know you should do on a constant basis, but probably don't because of the upfront amount of work it takes in order to see viable results. Well, what do you do when your site has been hacked? Maybe there's unwanted emergency road construction the day of a new exhibit reveal? How are you supposed to use social media to spread the word? The whole community is buzzing about it, and they're looking for an answer. What do you do? 

Thankfully, we've put together a couple of tips that can help put out that social fire.

Managing A Social Media Blow-Up

1. Reply Fast - Let users, clients, or customers know that you're aware of the situation at hand and that you're looking into a solution. 

2. Communicate - Your team may not know of the situation at hand. Tell stakeholders, managers, and those who need to know, so that it doesn't become a big PR disaster.

3. Have a Social Media Response Plan - Having a plan in place insures that your team knows what to do in the event of a crisis. Plan for it so things are more efficient and communication is constantly present.

Hopefully, you can utilize these quick tips and put out a spark before it becomes a flame.

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