Taking Care of Your Art [Pt. 2]

August 7, 2017
Trevor Abram
Fine Art Services

Safe and Sound 

Martin&Martin has a motto for the home or office relocation that we call simply: "First In, Last In" 

What does this mean?

 When it is time to start preparing and packing for your move, we like to be the first in to safely pack up your collection of art and irreplaceable objects before the regular movers arrive, and the last in at your new location to mitigate a fast and seamless install that will accent your furniture and belongings without the risk of damage from the chaos of a relocation.

The "First In" approach is our preferred method, as it allows us to operate with fewer people around, less commotion, and greatly reduces the chance of damage occurring from untrained workers. Our client's are at ease knowing that their art is being handled with the care that it deserves by trained staff that they can trust. By the time your furniture movers arrive, your art is safe and sound in our climate controlled storage facility.

When it is time to move into your new home, we like to be the "last in". Once the regular movers have placed clothes, furniture, kitchen items, and have set up the bedrooms, etc., we bring your art and antiquities back to you in our climate controlled vehicles. Without the commotion of the movers, we can quickly place, set and hang your art throughout your new home of location. Our "First In, Last In" approach helps mitigate the chaos of a relocation on several fronts. It's a safety net, if you will, and a pretty good one.

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