Museums! Gain Users & Improve Your Website With These 3 Tips

July 24, 2017
Trevor Abram
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Optimize To Be Found

Type in “Art Museum in a Google search and chances are you’ll find the results to be local museums in your area. You found them because they have a website, or digital presence.This isn’t just any website, but one that’s optimized to be found by you as a customer, user, or client. For the sake of clarity, we'll call them users.

Users are getting smarter and want results fast.

If they type “museum + (your local area)” and your museum doesn’t show it up, you just lost a potential visitor. For those who do show up in the results, that user is going to research the heck out of your site depending on what information they’re looking for. If they can’t find it fast enough, then boom…same outcome.

This is called SEO, or search engine optimization.

If your site is too slow or bulky, or doesn’t convey the right message, that can leave a bad digital taste and that user will leave the site as quick as they arrived. Now you have a “bounce hit” recorded in your Google Analytics (you do have that setup don’t you?).

Here Are 3 Tips On How You Can Improve Your Site Fast

1. Use Meta-tags - Make sure you have meta-tags that relate to your industry and location (ex: Dallas Landscape Museum) on major pages such as home, about, or services.

2. Optimize your images with alt-tags so search engines crawl your site and rank it a little higher.

3. Make sure you have a clear navigation and user flow. You’d be surprised how bulky most museum sites are these days, with endless flow that lead to pages no one ever visits.

Using just those 3 tips can provide great results over time, and don’t require a mass amount of effort upfront. If you're not web-savvy, contact your site builder, or reach out to us.

Keep in mind that these tips can apply to any industry and that anything SEO-related takes time*.
For a more concrete solution, contact us and we’ll either build you something new, or improve what you have to generate positive results.*Try not to panic if you do not see immediate results. Seriously, it takes time. 

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