Installing OU's Historic Exhibit

September 20, 2017
Trevor Abram


We were contacted by the OU library to design and fabricate custom zoetropes and displays.

These items would be presented at the launching exhibit in the Bizzell library on the OU campus. We also had a firm timeline of just 3 months to get everything done.

Needless to say, we were excited to be on board. After in depth research and a lot of prototypes, we had everything designed by our exhibit designer and fabricated by our metal and wood shop.

Check out the finished product below and we send many thanks to OU for reaching out to us!

Martin&Martin Design installing zoetrope #2 top
Installing the top of zoetrope #1

Our metal shop designed the custom trim seen on the outside borders.

Inner details of the zoetrope

We had to design each face to show very subtle movements that would be seen as animation once the zoetrope spinned. 

This took a lot of time and effort (and failed prototypes), but proved to be well worth the effort.

Each slit allows the viewer to see the animation that happens behind the wheel

Details of the wheel

The complete set

Martin&Martin Design would, again, like to thank OU for giving us such a wonderful opportunity.

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