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Martin&Martin has been packing art for well over 18 years using industry-standard techniques, materials, and care to ensure your art always arrives safely. We utilize packing options such as “soft packing” and “crating”, cases, special 2d and 3d packing that have proven to be effective for any type of travel. 

Soft packing allows us to give your object structural support and protection without the bulky, hard-shelled structure of a crate. 

Martin&Martin utilizes these types of industry-standard materials:
• Collar boxes
• Cushioned wrap, risers, boxes, dollies, and carts.
• Wrapping blankets
• Archival tapes and sheeting - Dartek, Tyvek, Glassine
• Corrugated sheeting (cardboard)
• Travel frames, brace packs, and skeletal/slat crates.

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